The Power of Yoga

At MY Kindergarten our morning Yoga routine helps us learn English words and phrases in a thoroughly immersive way. Kids learn new words by experiencing first-hand how trees grow, leaves move, butterflies fly, rain falls, bridges stand, rocks lie on the ground, and so on. In the process of learning new words, listening to and following instructions, we learn how to use our bodies to feel more connected (with ourselves and others) and to celebrate the power of our physical capabilities.

Flexibility in practice

Surprisingly, when I let students make a pose of their choice, they always choose the most challenging ones.

Learning how to express our gratitude to nature with a customized chant and a “homemade” poster



Up and down, back and forth

It fills my heart every time I hear the kids say “I want to try”, when they are introduced to a new and challenging pose.

Different Perspective

Twisted or not, we are part of the animal kingdom


We are part of nature




Experimenting with the abilities of our bodies

Meditation and relaxing music

We wrap-up every morning session with 2-3 minutes of relaxing music while discerning the hidden sounds such as running water, breaking waves, piano, and so on.

Displaying our achievements and taking pride in ourselves

Our Yoga exercises also open some space for creativity and imagination by brainstorming and giving names to certain unnamed poses.


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