The art and science of English lesson planning

Working as a teacher involves a great deal of curriculum and lesson planning. The process of defining and breaking down the learning objectives and strategies is a time-consuming yet an invaluable 'investment' in the cognitive, emotional, and social development of students. Not to mention the fact that a well-structured curriculum along with thorough lesson plans … Continue reading The art and science of English lesson planning


One-day English teaching course by David Paul

In his ‘Introductory Course in Teaching English to Children’ David Paul, author of Teaching English to Children in Asia (Pearson), presented in a truly accessible manner many of the teaching strategies based on the constructivist (student-centered) approach and employed by IB practitioners. In the course of his lecture, I could constantly draw parallels between the language learning method … Continue reading One-day English teaching course by David Paul

Stimulate Curiosity and Promote Exploration: the World of Circles and Holes

What surprises kids? What astonishes them and leaves them with eyes wide open and jaws dropped? Kids are amazed by the things we, the grown-ups, take for granted - bugs, scars, holes, small objects like buttons, marbles or bolts that might fill in some empty space. As if all the life's wisdom can be found … Continue reading Stimulate Curiosity and Promote Exploration: the World of Circles and Holes

Challenging some well-established beliefs

Here you are, native of a non-English speaking country, with a sincere passion in making a difference in the lives of children, and a yearning desire to start a new life in a place you have always dreamed of being. Your job hunting strategy consists of scrolling down to the Job Requirements section of any … Continue reading Challenging some well-established beliefs

Ladybugs’ First Big Appearance in front of an Audience

We celebrate the end of our first semester with a lovely mini performance. It comprises of three distinct parts - yoga, dancing, and singing in English and in Japanese. It encourages broad-mindedness and supports students' development of a wide perspective. As part of the yoga 'repertoire', the kids perform a simple set of movements accompanied … Continue reading Ladybugs’ First Big Appearance in front of an Audience

Professional Development through Lesson Observation

Professional Development through Class/Lesson Observation It is a common practice among teachers in Japan to engage in professional development activities in the form of a lesson study or research of teaching/learning by visiting other schools and observing classes. It is meant to help teachers enhance their capabilities and competencies and to incorporate new ideas and … Continue reading Professional Development through Lesson Observation

Practices of Wonder, Curiosity, and Creativity

The following set of activities is part of our monthly theme on planting, growing, harvesting, and eating fruits and vegetables. Overall, we attend to, observe, talk about, and try to understand nature and the changes that occur during summer time. Our cherry picking school field-trip is the ultimate reward and we were all looking forward … Continue reading Practices of Wonder, Curiosity, and Creativity

Kindergarten Leaflet Design

I am glad that I could contribute to the design and development of MY Kindergarten's next leaflet. The design is simple and draws the attention to what makes MY Kindergarten stand out, namely its immersive English-language environment. It is meant to get across the message that MY Kindergarten prides itself on being the first institution … Continue reading Kindergarten Leaflet Design

Immersive Learning in Action – Phonics

Depending on their particular age level, children frequently find themselves in certain situations. For example, our preschoolers often drop their bottles and spill water on the floor,  tend to argue over toys as a result of their difficulties sharing, and cry when things don't go their way. Within the immersive way of teaching and learning, students … Continue reading Immersive Learning in Action – Phonics