The Kindergarten Recital – put the needs of children at its core

Keep it simple and have fun The end of the first semester is just around the corner. Parents are expecting to get a snapshot of the dynamic first months of the academic year. As a teacher, you might be tempted to choose a great song with a deep lyrics and an intricate choreography in a … Continue reading The Kindergarten Recital – put the needs of children at its core


The Power of Yoga

At MY Kindergarten our morning Yoga routine helps us learn English words and phrases in a thoroughly immersive way. Kids learn new words by experiencing first-hand how plants grow, leaves and branches move in the wind, butterflies fly, the rain falls down, bridges stand, rocks lie on the ground, and so on. In the process … Continue reading The Power of Yoga

Immerse and Provoke

If you are a language teacher/principal who has just embarked on a journey towards implementing some elements of immersive learning into your class program/school curriculum, this blog post may help you sort out your priorities in terms of planning and conducting the language lessons. The earliest stage of the immersive language learning method can be … Continue reading Immerse and Provoke

MY Experience with MY Kindergarten Yamagata

In my veins still runs some Marketing-tinted blood and this partially justifies the attempt I have made to relate my experience at MY Kindergarten, Yamagata (Japan) through the prism of the 3 Ps - Product (Service), People, and Place. Last week, I had the privilege of paying a visit to and immersing myself (as an … Continue reading MY Experience with MY Kindergarten Yamagata